Wealth Management

Gebhard Wealth Management

In partnering with you to manage your wealth, our first priority is to make sure we get to know you and your family above and beyond your financial picture. We actively listen to better understand what is important to you and then develop a customized comprehensive plan and investment strategy that considers your desired lifestyle and the resources you have available to reach your goals.  Together we will build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect with an approach to wealth management based on the following:

Practical Advice – We start with the basics.  We want our clients to know that while it is very important to maintain a diversified investment portfolio, they should first give themselves piece of mind by setting aside sufficient reserves to “weather storms.” 

Individualized Planning – A successful investment strategy considers investment time horizon, income needs, tax implications and risk tolerance.  We incorporate financial planning strategies to consider the long term impact of any portfolio or life decisions. 

Active Investment Management – Our team knows that your risk tolerance is constantly changing. Being aware of this allows us to take the emotion out of investing and make objective decisions based on your best interests and your long term goals.

Steady Approach to the Markets – We have a strong commitment to investments that maintain purchasing power over the long-term.  Our investment approach is based on making strategic purchases and sales based on attractive valuations and reasonable pricing. 

Transition Experience – Our team has extensive experience transitioning individuals and families from one stage of life to another, especially the transition from working to retirement.  We are skilled in helping to ensure a seamless transition, factoring in tax considerations and developing strategies for the cash flow needed to support your desired lifestyle.

High level of Integrity – We treat your portfolios as if they were our own while never losing sight of your goals and objectives.